Build: 1.2.0026

Build: 1.2.0026


A few tweaks and fixes this time, so let's take a look …


Why aren't my players getting e-mails?

There are a few reasons why someone in your squad isn't getting e-mails from toepoke. You can now see if there are any issues from your squad list (my squads > your squad).

Here's a rundown on what each icon means.

  •   Ticks are good; it means there are no problems. Your player is being sent e-mails.

  •   The Cancel icon means the player has had their account suspended due to a problem with their email address.

  •   A Cross icon means the player hasn't confirmed their email address. As a result they won't be getting invites to your matches.

  •   The Closed email icon means the player has chosen not to receive e-mails from toepoke anymore.

You can hover over the icon for the player to see more information.

What happened to telephone numbers?

Previously the Contactable column showed the telephone number of the squad member (if they've added one).

The telephone number now appears as part of the Name column.

Exporting Season Stats

We added the seasons feature quite a while ago.

It's been suggested before that we should show more seasons. Sadly the stats take up quite a lot of space and it's not [financially] practical to keep a record of all the seasons you've been involved with.

However an alternative is to download them and you can keep your own records, so that's what we've done. Never let it be said we don't listen to our users 😄.

Export Statistics

This button doesn't do anything, check out your squad screen 😊.

Little tweaks

  • Further performance improvements

  • Previously Managers who removed their membership could be told they'd have to arrange someone else to take over the management of the matches (if they were the only manager of the squad).

    This has been changed to promote an appropriate member to take over the management of the squad.

  • You will no longer receive an email telling you when you've put your name down for a match (or if you drop out). Given you've just done it; you don't really need an email to tell you 😄!

    If however a manager changes your match status, you will get an email confirming the changes.


  • When resetting a password the login attempts were not being reset. So when logging back in, the account was still showing as being locked.

  • If the last member removed themselves from a squad, the underlying game wasn't deleted - which could leave the game orphaned.

  • On the team selection screen you can see Team A Vs Team B stats to help pick fairer teams. However when calculating the average scores between team the results were being rounded, so the figures weren't as accurate as they could have been.

    It's going to be harder to get a 50% match between teams in the future 😉.

  • Fixed additional actions not protected by anti-forgery tokens whilst conducting a review.

  • When requesting a password reset, the old password could still be used. As a security precaution the old password will no longer work following a password reset.

  • When creating an account with a social media account (facebook, twitter, etc) the data wasn't being encrypted correctly.

That's all folks!

As always, if I've mucked anything up, please tweet me off! 😉.

Until next time ... may your matches be full of players, and you boots stay laced up.

Team TP.

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