Build: 2.0.0000

Build: 2.0.0000

Hey there,

Well, it's been a long, long time since the last build. As the pandemic took hold and lots of us started to work from home I decided to well, re-write the vast majority of toepoke.

You won't notice much though as it's all in the background making the site more efficient, performant and easier to change. Due to the breadth of change it's likely there are bugs, so please let me know.

As well as the re-write I've made some smaller changes along the way, so let's take a look.


Diary changes

  • The diary view now shows a tooltip telling you if you played on particular match in the past.

  • When a match has been played it will remain on the match dashboard for a while to make it easier to add results and ratings. Speaking of which ...

Match Closure

Once the final whistle has been blown all players will have roughly two days to add their ratings, enter the final scores, etc. before the match is closed.

This is to prevent the season table being manipulated near the end of the season.

It's also an enabler for future planned features.

Pitch & alerts changes

Sometimes your manager may make changes to the match you're due to play in.

We've always sent you an email to let you know that something had changed, in case the match was kicking off earlier and you wouldn't be able to play at the new time.

However, the decision to send you an email was rather blunt. The kick-off time may have only been 1 minute earlier and we'd still email you. Going forward, you'll only get an email about pitch changes if:

  • The manager adds a note to the change, or
  • The kick-off has moved 5 minutes or more, or
  • The pitch has changed, or
  • The location of your venue has changed

The match reminders have been integrated into the pitch edit screen. It more naturally lives there.

Note that the Book match reminder is at the top of the list. It used to be at the bottom.

This never really made sense and has been moved to before the invitations to the match go out. You may wish to check your existing match reminders are setup to your liking.

Adding floating players

When adding a floating player off the registrations screen, there is now an option to add the floater as in a player in the match too.

After all, you're likely adding a floating player as they're going to be playing in that match!

Team selection improvements

Previously a separate Send & Save button would save the changes and email the sides to the player.

The Send & Save option was only available once the deadline has passed. Rational being we need to give your players a chance to drop out if required. On reflection it should be up to you, the manager to decide what's best.

The Send & Save option has been replaced with a simple Email teams tick box, which is always available.

The order your players were selected is maintained. Personally I find this useful as I often pick teams by looking for players of similar abilities to match against each other. It's therefore useful to maintain the teams as they were selected for any changes later.

In addition the teams e-mail tell you who picked the sides, so everyone knows who to blame 😉.

Finally you may notice a new button, Add Players. It's often useful to be able to add a player without having to navigate to the registrations screen.

Social network improvements

The change profile screen allows you to link your social networks and pick an avatar to show a representation of you to others in your squad.

The experience was a little muddled with different buttons for adding avatars and linking social networks.

This has been reduced down to a simple list showing all your linked social networks and available avatars in one place.

Season Table on mobile

On a mobile device the season table was cramped and didn't show all the matches (there just wasn't room!).

The breakdown of matches in the season have been flipped from a horizontal to vertical view.

Small Changes

  • After you've put your name down to play in a match, the next time you look you have a Standby option as well as the Playing option.

    Standby is in essence the same as Playing, it just means you're on the bench, as everyone is until the teams are picked.

    In future only the Playing option is shown.

  • When a Manager acts on your behalf (e.g. puts your name down for you), the email you receive now tells you who made the change.

  • When reporting errors, the error message would only appear for a short time before disappearing. Changed so they're statically displayed so we have chance to read them!

  • Where you have a preference to disable animations the end of season presentation is no longer displayed.

  • The Nickname setting in your profile is now pre-populated (unless you've already created one) based on your initials and your unique identifier in the system. This is so we can show data on the website about you, whilst keeping your personal data private.

  • fix: Previously any e-mail address change in your profile was applied immediately, but nothing would be sent to the changed address until it had been confirmed. This meant you wouldn't receive any notifications about your matches.

    An e-mail address change is no longer applied immediately, but when the new e-mail account has been confirmed. This ensures we don't have a period where you aren't getting match updates.

  • ux: Played around with the saving/loading feature such that it no longer blanks out the screen but just blurs.

  • The website assets (images, styling, etc) was previously hosted external to the website. Whilst this brought advantages some users found it was blocked by their workplace. This resulted in the website loading, but looking less than ideal.

    Assets are now hosted local to the website, but take advantage of CloudFlare's CDN for asset caching, hopefully giving the best of both worlds.

  • ux: Added link to the seasons table to each match. Previously was only available via the squad menu.

  • ux: Added link to match dashboard to invite new people to join your squad. Previously was only available via the squad menu, which isn't immediately obvious.

  • ux: Back and Cancel buttons should favour using the browser history where possible/feasible.

  • upkeep: Upgraded jQuery UI to most recent version, 1.13.2.

  • Added Kick it out campaign link.

  • Updated blog link to a custom sub-domain.


  • fix: When clicking Save on the team selection screen the players would also be emailed the teams.

  • fix: Goals chart had stopped loading on the championship tables, impacting the page.

  • fix: When sending match related e-mails the start of the match was incorrectly showing Mon, 1st Jan 0001 @ 12am.

  • fix: Match ratings button wasn't appearing for past matches.

  • fix: When saving the stats after a game an error was being generated and the statistics were not saving.

  • fix: Fixed issues with radio buttons and checkboxes rendering in the mobile views.

  • fix: When a player was on the bench and changed their registration status to Not Playing the manager and anyone on the bench were emailed telling them this. This isn't required as it makes no difference to the situation (i.e. we still have enough players for the match to go ahead).

  • fix: When emailing the number of players on the bench was not populated correctly, meaning the email was out of context.

  • fix: URLs used by the BBC weather have changed. Updated the match weather links to the new format.

  • fix: JS error when creating a new account via a social media account.

  • fix: When inviting players from another squad the select dialog wasn't doing anything (the button wasn't wired up correctly).

  • fix: When editing the frequency in the template screen, if the frequency was incomplete (e.g. Every Thursday) an error would be thrown. The error should be displayed to the user, informing them of the problem.

  • fix: Google has depreciated certain aspects of the mapsed library we use. Upgraded to latest version in advance of the depreciation.

  • fix: Match dashboard was showing matches in the wrong order. Should be ordered according to the next match that's coming up.

  • fix: On the match reminders screen, on mobile, the time dropdown list didn't always show the most appropriate time.

  • fix: On the Who's Playing screen there was no option to add a floating playing unless there was already someone registered.

  • fix: The game directory wasn't displaying public games correctly.

  • fix: Managers no longer need to have taken part in a match in order to record the results of the fixture.

  • fix: Time components were showing am/pm rather than 24 hour clock, which meant the jQuery time widget wasn't syncing up with the time in the textbox.

  • fix: Direct Debit illustrations have been updated to reflect new GoCardless pricing structure. Although Direct Debits aren't live yet.

  • fix: When a new game is created we add a series of alerts to send out invitations, remind managers to pick teams, etc. These are created at sensible points in the run up to your matches kicking off.

    For instance if your match kicks off on a Thursday, your squad is invited to join on the Friday before. This works well with weekly matches, but less so for other frequencies. If you play every month you may find the invites go out 3 weeks before kick-off. This isn't helpful as everyone will have forgotten about it when it's time to play.

    This release changes this behaviour such that the alerts go out during the week running up to the kick-off. So if you play the first Thursday of each month, the invites will go out the Friday before, as they do with weekly matches.

  • fix: Removed the pawnWarn cookie from the privacy policy as it's no longer used.

  • fix: When a match is cancelled we clear out any registrations for the match, including anyone who has said they weren't able to play. Should the match be restored those who had said they couldn't play would be invited again.

    Just because the match is back on doesn't change the fact that those players still can't play. Changed so anyone who has said they can't play won't be re-invited if the match is restored.

  • fix: p3 points would only be awarded if the manager has entered the scores for the match.

  • fix: On occasion the e-mails sent out by the website would resolve to an IP address rather than the domain name,

  • fix: Website was rendering duplicate title tags, which whilst doesn't impact the usage of the website, it does need tidying up.

That's all folks!

As always, if I've mucked anything up, please tweet me off! 😉.

Until next time ... may your matches be full of players, and you boots stay laced up.

Team TP.

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Every week we'll invite everyone and track who can and who can't play.

We'll remind them they're playing, help pick the sides. You know, all the boring stuff!

Loose the faff, bring back the fun, with!

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