Build: 1.2.0022

Build: 1.2.0022


A few tweaks and fixes this time, so let's take a look …


Squad sign-ups

The Outstanding Invites screen now shows players who been added to your squad, but haven't confirmed their e-mail address.

These players won't be getting the invites to your matches, but at least now you know and you'll be able to prompt them to get their account confirmed.

Season statistics enhancements

A few additions to the season screen giving a little more insight to the Man of the Match feature.

  • The red badge shows how many votes the player got for being MOTM (just hover over the star to see how many)
  • There's an amber badge too, which shows you were voted for MOTM, but didn't get the most votes (again, just hover over the star to see how many votes you got)
  • Clicking on the match date will take you to the dashboard for that match
  • On a related point, the team table also shows how many votes the MOTM got for a particular match

Little tweaks

  • Players are awarded a bonus point for adding their MotM vote after a game

  • Increased size of pages from 10 to 20 items - a minor improvement for this suggestion

  • Offline and error pages weren't responsive - mobile version showed desktop version

  • Squad export now includes notes attributed to a squad member

  • The teams picker screen now has an Export Teams option - which is useful for tracking payments (until I finally get payments sorted!)

  • Export squad feature now includes any notes attributed to a member

  • You can click on images in the change log to see the bigger version


  • GMail button fix

  • On mobiles the reminder message wasn't very easy to read - improved contrast

  • Text version of e-mails we're working

  • Notes on who's playing screen weren't being shown on mobile version

  • Manifest.json file was saved with BOM signature - caused issues with validators

  • Floating members were being flagged for deletion after 12 months of not logging in - of course they haven't logged in! 😉

That's all folks!

As always, if I've mucked anything up, please tweet me off! 😉.

Until next time ... may your matches be full of players, and you boots stay laced up.

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