Build: 1.2.0023

Build: 1.2.0023


Mainly fixes this time, but some major refactoring behind the scenes. Hopefully everything is working fine, but please keep you eye peeled for any issues …


  • Fix where the information icon on the player stats view would disappear when you hover over the area.

  • Invitation and reminders e-mails weren't showing the venue info unless the pitch was populated.

  • Total points for each player was incorrect - wasn't taking into account the new participation change (which gives a bonus point for adding ratings and voting for the Man of the Match).

  • Invitation e-mail did not include who the invitation was from.

  • Updated how accounts are closed due to inactivity.

  • Website wasn't telling applicants to games that they already had an application pending.

  • When joining a squad the application notes weren't encoded correctly.

  • E-mails from the teamsheet could have deliverability problems as reply-to field wasn't incorrectly configured.

  • Refactor of account suspension process.

  • E-mails now track the messag type identifier - internal change to aid debugging.

  • Clicking save on the match dashboard would throw an error when there were no matches to save.

  • Fixed constraint on UK only postcodes when adding new games.

  • Data cleansing exercise with location of games - hope I haven't got yours wrong!

That's all folks!

As always, if I've mucked anything up, please tweet me off! 😉.

Until next time ... may your matches be full of players, and you boots stay laced up.

Team TP.

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We'll remind them they're playing, help pick the sides. You know, all the boring stuff!

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