Build: 1.2.0017

Build: 1.2.0017


We released a build this week, here's a rundown on what's changed.


Player chats

After a little beta testing online chat has been enabled for everyone. You can read more on the blog.

Thanks again to those lovely people at


Build this time is mainly to fix a few errors found since installing Get Sentry.

  • Auto redirect upon login broke the demonstration feature.
  • Encoding issue on team picker screen.
  • Numerous Tour fixes.
  • Fixes for post-match performance screen.
  • Match registrations view wasn't taking correctly taking into account the match was finished.
  • Get sentry upgrade to version 3.0.2.

That's all folks!

As always, if I've mucked anything up, please tweet me off! 😉.

Until next time ... may your matches be full of players, and you boots stay laced up.

Team TP.

About helps organise 5-a-side football games with your mates.

Every week we'll invite everyone and track who can and who can't play.

We'll remind them they're playing, help pick the sides. You know, all the boring stuff!

Loose the faff, bring back the fun, with!

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