Build: 1.2.0012

Build: 1.2.0012

It's been a while since last time (work commitments), so without further ado, what's changed?


One of the major changes in this version is a revisit of the ratings functionality. As indicated in our survey you felt the ratings were overly complicated (for the record, I agree!).

Not only have the ratings been simplified, the whole screen has been looked at again.


Previously we were capturing 7 different elements for each player! A bit too much isn't it?

This has been reduced to just 3 simple settings. After all, someone is either a good defender or not. Whether they track back or not is all part of being a good defender.

As a result of this change, existing ratings have been reset.

How many did you score?

One of the new additions is capturing how many goals you scored.

When adding your score you'll be expected to provide ratings for your team too #onlyfair!

Team Scores

As well as your own score managers can record the match result too.

Don't worry if you're not very good at remembering (I'm terrible too!), you can just record who won too.

Your Man of the Match

Finally you can vote for your Man of the Match.

Later we'll be taking all these lovely stats to produce a rolling league of your performances for triggering a little friendly competition and #banter!

Little tweaks

  • By request 3 and 4 players per side have been added for Touch Rugby.
  • Added follow-up e-mail for new users who haven't confirmed their account.
  • Squad finder now shows squads on a map as well as a list.


  • Fixed issue on the team picker screen where you couldn't select "Black" shirts for a team!
  • Fixed a couple of issues with e-mails viewed through gmail.

That's all folks!

As always, if I've mucked anything up, please tweet me off! 😉.

Until next time ... may your matches be full of players, and you boots stay laced up.

Team TP.

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Every week we'll invite everyone and track who can and who can't play.

We'll remind them they're playing, help pick the sides. You know, all the boring stuff!

Loose the faff, bring back the fun, with!

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